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Fulani are also victims of kidnapping in Nigeria - Atiku Bagudu


kidnapping in Nigeria

Kebbi State Governor Atiku Bagudu said that the Fulani are also victims of kidnapping in Nigeria.

Bagudu, however, stressed that Nigerians will never hear about the abduction of Fulani people.

The governor, who spoke on television, complained that Nigerians attribute all the kidnappings to Fulani people.

Bagudu claimed that many Fulani residents were decent and peaceful residents who just want to make a living.

He said “ " I have met with many Fulani communities in my state who have explained that they are also victims.

“They are the main victims of kidnapping, and then a broader kidnapping committed by other Fulani and non-Fulani who have come to form criminal groups.

"Many Fulani are naturally victims, and they have become impoverished because of this.

“We don't even hear their stories. We don't hear their point of view. We just think they're complicit. This is not true. Most of them are peaceful and decent people who strive to earn a living."

In the recent few years, the Fulani have been linked to violence and crime, including kidnapping in Nigeria.

The crisis between pastoralists and farmers across the country, banditry has also been linked to the Fulani tribe.


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