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Facebook Business Manager: The Advantages


Facebook Business Manager

What is a Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook Business Manager is a tool that allows you to manage multiple Facebook pages, business assets and advertising accounts, as well as Instagram accounts and product catalogs in one place.

It also allows you to grant full or partial access to team members, depending on their role. This means that you can easily and safely delegate tasks to multiple employees.

The Facebook Business Manager was created with the aim of improving the security of your Facebook ads account and Facebook pages.

Some Businesses, for example, often have to share their Facebook pages and Facebook ad accounts with employees, third parties, or even contractors.

Sharing this information with such people is always risky, and in order to remain safe, some control is necessary. With Facebook Business Manager, control is easy.

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Now that you know what Facebook Business Manager is, you have some idea of why you should use it. But let's highlight the main advantages of the Facebook Business Manager tool:

·         Separate your personal profile from the business page. Facebook Business means that you no longer have to worry about privacy issues or accidentally post anything intended for your personal Facebook profile on your Facebook page (or vice versa).

·         Effectively manage multiple advertising accounts and Facebook pages in one place. This means that you have a central place to track your ads and the effectiveness of placement, which makes it easier to organize your efforts.

·         Securely share access with multiple people. You can grant access to agencies, partners, or suppliers without transferring ownership of your business assets to them. We will show you how to do this later in the article.

·         Control the amount of access for each employee, depending on their role. This simplifies the process of delegating tasks and monitoring what your employees are doing, without risking security.

·         Easily revoke access for people who no longer work for you. Again, since Personal Profiles are not linked to your page or your customers ' Facebook page, it is easy to maintain an up-to-date list in Business Manager.

·         Create different user audiences for different advertising campaigns. This is especially useful for agencies that have to place ads for several clients, as well as for companies that target different types of audiences.


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